Sunday, August 23, 2009

More about Balto Beer Week

Hard on the heels of the conclusion of the inaugural DC Beer Week, Alexander D. Mitchell IV, a beer writer based in Baltimore, Maryland, reports that the inaugural Baltimore Beer Week has

47 events committed so far, and that's not all of them either--there are a couple more in the pipeline, so to speak. now, granted, 20 of these events are at Max's Taphouse, and some of them overlap significantly, such as events during the BAM Oktoberfest and the Chesapeake Real Ale Fest--but there should be enough now to start planning your liver allocations, hotel rooms, and the like

Baltimore Beer Week runs long, 8-18 October 2009, the better to accommodate its projected 150 events, to include beer tastings, tours, dinners, festivals, and lectures. Three that stand out for me are the Opening Tap Ceremony aboard the USS Constitution (8 October), the 6th annual Chesapeake Real Ale Fest (17 October, at the Pratt Street Ale House) and a lecture and tasting called the Beer Pioneers of Baltimore (12 October at Bertha's)

Bertha's, Baltimore MD
Guest speakers to include:
  • Hugh Sisson – Clipper City Brewing Company (formally of Sisson’s Brew Pub - Maryland’s first brew pub)
  • Tony Norris – Bertha’s
  • Craig Stuart Paul – founder of Oxford Brewing Company (Maryland’s first micro-brewery)
  • Jim Gardner – Winner/F.P. Winner Distributing Company
Missing (so far) from this lecture on the revival of craft beer in Maryland are Bill Oliver, founder of the Wharf Rat Brewpub (recently sold, but still brewing as Pratt Street Ale House) and Theo DeGroen founder/owner of the Baltimore Brewing Company, a lager brewpub. The brewery closed in 2005 and DeGroen returned to Europe, so the organizers might be forgiven for not getting him here.

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The organizers of the festival include Mitchell, long-time Baltimore beer maven Joe Gold, and Baltimore Sun columnist Rob Kasper.

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