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Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 32/33, 2014.

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
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Weeks 32/33
3 August - 16 August 2014

  • 2014.08.16
    The economic impact from craft brewing in Virginia comes to $623 million; 8,163 jobs; 52 percent annual growth in volume among Virginia craft breweries; a ranking of 15th in the nation in 2013 for the number of active breweries (90); and the possibility to nearly double that number in the next three to five years.
    —Via Lee Graves (at Virginia Business)

  • 2014.08.12
    How several western-based 'craft' breweries, with new brewing plants on the East Coast, are tweaking North Carolina water to match the water of their original, western, plants.
    —Via NPR (The Salt).

    Serendipidity Ale (side label)
  • 2014.08.12
    Only one person in the U.S. government is responsible for approving the labels of all beers produced and sold in the United State. Kent “Battle” Martin of the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), a section of the Treasury Department.
    —Via The Daily Beast.

  • 2014.08.12
    Actress Lauren Bacall, one of Hollywood's leading ladies, has died at age 89.
    —Via NPR.

  • 2014.08.11
    Comedian and film actor Robin Williams dead at 63 years old.
    —Via Huffington Post.

  • 2014.08.10
    "A craft brewer making lousy beer can drive fledgling craft beer drinkers permanently to other beverages, like wine or spirits. And that’s bad news for all of us. Unfortunately, there are some brewers starting up who don’t understand the importance of this, and worse yet, how to achieve it. [...] It’s not good at all for craft brewers to get smug with our success, spend too much time patting ourselves on the back, and rest on laurels, since a potential quality disaster is just around the corner."
    —Via Mitch Steele (brewmaster at Stone Brewing).

    The view from the seats
  • 2014.08.08
    The best baseball ballparks for 'craft' beer, as ranked by local beer, quality, and uniqueness.
    —Via DC Sports Bog .

  • 2014.08.08
    The World Health Organization (WHO) formally declares Ebola virus outbreak to be a “public health emergency of international concern.” The declaration means that experts have concluded that the outbreak could spread beyond the West African states where it is concentrated — Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia — unless nations coordinate their efforts to stop it.
    —Via Scientific American.

  • 2014.08.08
    For 'craft' beer in the United States, the word "India" of India Pale Ale (IPA) doesn't mean India. Rather, it implies American pale ale, "saturated in flavors & aromas of American hops."
    —Via Beervana.

    Respect your (Pliny the) Elder
  • 2014.08.06
    The state of the American IPA in 2014: "Brewers will find new permutations to wiggle those three letters into their portfolios."
    —Via DC Beer.

  • 2014.08.06
    The European unmanned spacecraft, Rosetta, is the first human spacecraft to rendezvous with, not crash into, a comet: 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, 250 million miles from Earth.
    —Via Vox.

  • 2014.08.05
    Formerly scorned as a cheap adjunct used by large breweries, corn gets a new look from American 'craft' brewers.
    —Via Greg Kitsock (Washington Post).

  • 2014.08.03
    Beer brewing is inherently energy intensive, which is why some large craft breweries have made big investments in energy efficiency, heat recovery, renewable resources, waste reduction, and water use.
    —Via Green Biz.

  • 2014.08.03
    Shareholders of U.S. supermarket chain, Safeway, have approved the company’s $9.2 billion sale to rival, Albertsons. The deal will create a network of more than 2,000 stores, 27 distribution facilities and 20 manufacturing plants with more than 250,000 employees. The combined Safeway and Albertsons supermarket chain will be slightly smaller than Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in the U.S.
    —Via Los Angeles Daily News.
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