Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pic(k) of the Week: Gravity Brewhouse at Bluejacket (and DC Beer Week 2014).

Gravity brewhouse at Bluejacket (01)

No pumps!

In a classic gravity-flow brewhouse design, wort flows from the brewhouse down to the fermenters, and then, as fermented beer, down to the serving tanks ...

Bar at Bluejacket

...where it is served at the bar, at ...

Washington, D.C.
12 August 2014.

Bluejacket opened in October 2013, in a former boiler factory for the U.S. Navy. With the attached Arsenal Restaurant, it is the brewery showcase of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, which owns and operates sixteen restaurants and shops throughout Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia.


DC Beer Week

DC Beer Week 2014Tomorrow marks the start of the 6th annual DC Beer Week, which, this year, runs 17 - 24 August. Breweries, restaurants, pubs, bars, retail shops, and other venues (such as cruise boats!) will be holding events throughout Washington, D.C. and —for the first time— in surrounding suburbs.

When DC Beer Week began in 2009, there was no Bluejacket, and, although there were a couple of brewpubs in the city, there were no production breweries. Today in 2014, the city has ten breweries: six brewpubs and four production breweries.

Here's how Jeff Wells —a co-founder of DC Beer Week— describes its genesis:
In 2009, Teddy Folkman [co-owner of Granville Moore's Gastropub] and I wanted to expose folk to and celebrate the fledgling beer culture in the Nation's Capital. We decided to get our friends in the industry to rally together and host a series of educational, entertainment, and culinary events throughout various neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. Our mission was to emphasis craft beer's role in the development of our town, and its importance toward creating a vibrant city.

DC Beer Week has thus continued to flourish every year since its inception, and has helped Washington, D.C. gain an international reputation for its beer culture.

Wishing the best to the DC Beer Week 2014 crew!


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