Thursday, November 22, 2018

Laiminga Padėkos Diena!

Beer for Thanksgiving? Yes!

But as to what beer to drink with which dish, let the curators drink alone. There are no rules, but only enthusiastic suggestions.

Be that as it may, maybe a non-dank pilsner, or a spicy, dry (that's the key) saison or dubbel, or, if you're so blessed, a cask-conditioned bitter: sip, pull, and repeat. (Or, okay, a dry IPA.) Beer drunk with cheese; with everything else, don't make beer the star, just the pal. Maybe with sweets, it should be sweeter. Over-hoppy-ed examples? They belong in long special-release queues; over-alcohol-ed, with postprandial digestive stupors.

Heck, maybe even a wine, like a cider. But, above all, this should be fun. It's all been done before.

To conclude, in Lithuanian *:

Laiminga Padėkos Diena!

Beer on bench (02)


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