Saturday, November 20, 2021

Pic(k) of the Week: Full Beaver Moon, eclipsed

Full Beaver Moon, eclipsed


This was the ruddy, full Beaver Moon, 97% eclipsed, at 4:11 am ET (9:11 UT), 19 November 2021. And, unlike the night sky of a non-eclipsed full moon, on this night the stars were readily visible, surrounding the umbral-shadowed moon.

Pictured above is the maximum point of the nearly partial lunar eclipse. At nearly 6 hours, it was the longest such since the year 1440 and the longest such until the year 2669.

If you were sleeping that night or you'll be unable to wait for the next event, fret not! North America will be witness to not one but two total lunar eclipses next year, on 15 May and 7 November 2022. (Your geographical results may differ. Check your local listings.)

When the damnable alarm went off, the outside temperature was 0 °C and the winds were nippy at 16 kph. Charlie the dog didn't mind; indeed, he thoroughly enjoyed his cuckoo-o'clock constitutional. And me? Afterward, back inside, the coffee seemed somehow tastier and more warming than it had been.

Mira la luna. La bella luna!

  • The fullest extent of the eclipse actually had occurred at 4:03 am (9:03 UT)...but who's checking?

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