Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ancient American chocolate beer

A scientific journal - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - has announced the discovery of the earliest evidence of fermented cacao in Central America.

Researchers have found cacao residue in pottery remains dating from 1100 BC in Honduras, which is five hundred years earlier than previous digs. The scientists speculate that this fermented cacao beverage may have been an indicator of social prestige or wealth.

This was a very different beverage from the chocolate beverage that the much later Spanish invaders found the Mesoamericans to be drinking. In fact, the involved process of creating chocolate as we know it may have been an accidental discovery.

Young's has its Double Chocolate Stout. Now, dare we expect this ancient cacao-beer to be recreated at a certain Delaware brewery?

Chocolate began as beer-like brew 3,100 years ago
By Will Dunham

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