Thursday, November 15, 2007

more turkey, more beer, please

I've previously referred to her sharply witty remarks on wine and beer. I'll do it again.

Maggie Dutton's blog is called the The Wine Offensive. From the Seattle Weekly, she writes:

This year I'm giving thanks that I don't have to write one of those compulsory "What wine goes with Thanksgiving?" columns. I get so sick of reading the same regurgitated tips. To me, a gluttonous meal in honor of the Pilgrims deserves an appropriate beverage, one to sip or guzzle as personal tendencies allow. When I think of the epic turkey-day meal, my brain conjures large tankards of rich ale, the kind I imagine the Mayflower passengers might have enjoyed.

I pick Saison; she favors ESB. When pairing beer and food, you'd have to work hard to 'do' it wrong. The first rule is that there are no rules, only enthusiastic suggestions. Here's more from the Brewers Association.

I am a vegetarian. So how can my recommendations be trusted? I remember! [UPDATE: Veggie Thanksgiving.]

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