Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Young and 'lite'

I did a bit of early Christmas shopping late this afternoon at a mall ... three days before the post-Thanksgiving madness.

Afterwards, I stopped at the Rock Bottom brewpub in the mall for a quick pick-me-up. Had a cask-conditioned porter: quite tasty.

A young lady sat down next to me, and asked for a Miller Lite. "Sorry, we serve only the beers we make here", replied the bartender, standing directly in front of the fermentation tanks.

"You make your own beer?", she asked, bemused at first by the visual and spoken evidence. She thought for few moments. The bartender fidgeted.

And then she asked for the lightest they made.

Ah ... so much good beer proselytizing yet remains undone.


  1. "so much good beer proselytizing remains yet undone"

    I lamented the same thing this weekend when I had to beg for a glass, and then endured astonishment that I had beer in a glass!

    But, the question that remains regarding your observation; Did she enjoy her new beer experience?

  2. She was too busy on her cell phone for me to ask!


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