Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sean Taylor, R.I.P.

I became a Redskin football fan upon hearing my first game in 1966.

Back then on Sunday autumn afternoons, my father and I would rent a rowboat at a local park. Out on the lake, we'd tune into Redskins' games on a small transistor radio. The team wasn't very successful then, but that didn't matter.

It's been reported this morning that Redskin player Sean Taylor has died of gunshot wounds suffered during a home invasion. Twenty-four years old, Taylor was the team's safety, playing the position in an athletically dramatic and ferocious manner, and playing his best yet this year.

One is reminded of the fragility - and preciousness - of life when anyone dies, and again, when it is a young person, not yet in his prime, who dies.

His family and the Redskin team and fans mourn.

Sean Taylor is survived by his 18 month old daughter. That young girl will never have the time with her father that I had with mine.

And that is a tragedy.

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