Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A beer/whiskey synergy

Oskar Blues will provide about 100 barrels of wash (3100 gallons) each week [to] Stranahan's [Colorado Whiskey], which has been in business since 2003, [which] will distill that liquid down to about 300 gallons of spirit that will then be aged.

Stranahan's has been steadily increasing distribution and is now available in about 20 states.

Part of the benefit for Oskar Blues, besides a steady income for contract brewing the wash, is that the brewery will have access to used Stranahan's barrels that it will use for specialty beer production.

From Lyke to Drink
From The Scotchblog

The wash had been provided by Flying Dog until the brewery moved its brewing operations from Colorado to Maryland. (The wash is the fermented beer, usually with no hops, from which the whiskey is distilled.)

From co-owner Jess Graber comes this description:
Bourbon drinkers will find that oak they like at the beginning; Scotch drinkers will like the finish and Canadian whiskey drinkers will get some spice in the middle.

More, including the distribution area, at The Scotch Blog.

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