Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thinking Globally, Drinking Locally

From WAMU-FM's website:

Thinking Globally, Drinking Locally
Wednesday 16 July 2008, 1:06PM

In the world of beer, Anheuser-Busch has long been an American icon and a dominant global player. So when the St. Louis-based corporation accepted a $52 billion takeover by Belgium-based brewer InBev, the move raised eyebrows in boardrooms and bars across the country. We explore how the increasingly global beverage industry is affecting local consumers.

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A History of the World in 6 Glasses is a concise look at the influence of six beverages on world history, industry, and commerce: beer, wine, distilled spirits, coffee, tea, and cola.

[UPDATE: Some interesting comments.]
  • TS: Beer is a a genuinely global drink. Beer arose spontaneously all over the world thousands of years ago.
  • HS: [Will In Bev 'improve' the recipe of Budweiser?] We might argue with what A-B has produced from a personal stylistic preference standpoint, but clearly the numbers sustain it. No, the downside could be catastrophic.
  • TS: Drink and food serve as a lightning rod for discontent. It's a way of expressing oneself.
  • HS: [Will the Inbev purchase affect the craft brewers?] Inbev will control nearly 30% of the world's market of beer. It's a whole different league.

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