Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pop goes the patella

Early Friday evening, I had just finished sharing a delicious bowl of roasted garlic cloves and olives, washing it down with Troegs Nugget Nectar (think cantaloupe melon and lots of grapefruity hops), when ...

Hops and garlic

... when a random act of real life interfered with the routine of a beerman.

I stood up and I took a couple of steps. Out went the kneecap. And down went I.


Many, many, many thanks to the wonderful staff (and customers) of Fireworks Pizza in Leesburg, Virginia, who gave me much needed assistance.

Dashed as my dreams of gridiron glory now may be, when it comes to pontificating on beer, I still retain one good leg upon which to stand.

So, do not try this at home —popping the patella, that is. The beer with the garlic and olives —on the other hand— do try.

[UPDATE 2009.04.02: I returned, uneventfully, to Fireworks for a tapping of a cask of Flying Dog Brewing's Snake Dog IPA.]

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  1. Youch! Those knee injuries can stick around for years, but hopefully it heals alright, Tom. Grab another Nugget Nectar!


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