Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bawlmer Beer Week's brand

Baltimore Beer Week has unveiled its brand spanking new logo.

Baltimore Beer WeekThe brainchild of longtime Baltimore beer maven Joe Gold (who is the event's chair), Baltimore Beer Week is itself brand spanking new, having just caught the national wave of 'beer weeks' begun last year in Philadelphia, Pa.

Baltimore Beer Week will actually be 11 days (no Bawlmer math jokes, please), beginning the 8th of October with a ceremonial keg tapping (to be announced) and concluding on the 18th. Sandwiched between are the already scheduled Brewer's Association of Maryland (BAM) Oktoberfest and the Chesapeake Real Ale Festival of the Society for the Preservation of Beer From the Wood (SPBW).

Baltimore Beer Week will sing the praises of the region’s strong brewing culture, said Joe Gold, one of the organizers of the event. "We’ve got a rich history of brewing, a strong crop of brewers, and legions of knowledgeable beer drinkers here," Gold said. "When it comes to love of beer, Baltimore takes a back seat to no one," added Dominic Cantalupo, a Baltimore Beer Week organizer who as a boy carried a bucket of beer from a neighborhood tavern to his grandmother’s row home.

Baltimore Beer Week takes shape
Rob Kasper
25 March 2009

Is Baltimore such a beer town? I believe it is, and wrote so in 2003 for the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News. The Washington, DC area: not so much.

But Baltimore will have big shoes (or would that be growlers) to fill: Philadelphia's.

Philly Beer Week 2009 has come and gone. It was, by all accounts, an even 'rousing-er' success than its inaugural year in 2008.
Philly Beer Week 2009I appreciate the iconic simplicity of its logo (despite the boastful caption). The website was very informative and kept up-to-date, and included Web 2.0 links to Twitter and Facebook.

I'm no graphic artist and don't even play one on-line. So, now that Baltimore Beer Week has content at its website ( and its new logo, I'm happy to retire my graphic that I've been displaying here at Yours For Good
NOT the logo for Baltimore Beer Week
October 8-18, 2009
  • Initial announcement post for Baltimore Beer Week here.
  • Editor's nitpick: Despite the solitary implication of its name, the Brewer's Association of Mayland comprising many active breweries and brewpubs in the state. Properly placing the apostrophe would yield: Brewers' Association.
Beer Haiku Daily has posted an apt verse with which to close:
Baltimore Beer Week?
Isn’t that every week?
OK. Bring it on!


  1. Sorry Tom, but I can't get over how hideous the new BBW logo is. In fact, I wrote about it this morning:

    Can we petition to use your graphic?

    P.S: I like the Philly Beer Week logo, being all clever with the "E" resembling the "E" used in Philly's Love Park.

  2. There's only one problem with the logo of yours, Tom: There's absolutely nothing distinctively Baltimore about it. You could substitute any city's name in there. It's akin to SEPTA ending up printing all those Philly Beer Week passes with a photo of the New York City skyline. I'd hesitate to throw in a crab, as that's become its own cliche, but........

  3. Of course, my 'logo' never was a logo, but merely a placeholding graphic to advertise Baltimore Beer Week from its November 2008 announcement until the day that a logo actually was created by its committee.


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