Friday, March 06, 2009

Tuppers Beers to return ... really

Bob and Ellie Tupper have been long time icons, if you will, of the good-beer scene of the mid-Atlantic. Their beers, contract-brewed at the Old Dominion Brewing Company since the mid 1990s, disappeared when that brewery was sold a couple of years ago.

Yesterday at their website, Bob and Ellie announced the reappearance of their beers, headlined

Tuppers' Hop Pocket Brewing Company and the St. George Brewing Company have agreed to work together to return Tuppers' Hop Pocket Ale and Tuppers' Hop Pocket Pils to the market. The tentative target date is late May. The Ale will return first, followed shortly by the Pils-- both will be on draft before they return in bottles.

Initial distribution will focus on the Washington metropolitan area, but plans are to expand to the area in which the beers were formerly available and then expand to further markets.

St. George Brewing
Brewmaster Andy Rathman and assistant Conor Halfpenny at The St. George Brewing Company turn out consistently excellent beers under the St. George and Olde Richmond labels. Their skill and energy, and Andy’s remarkable depth of knowledge, ensure that those who have waited patiently for Hop Pocket’s return will not be disappointed.

Beers will be made according to the Tuppers’ original specifications when they were brewed at Old Dominion—plentiful hops, including huge amounts of whole flower Mount Hood hops, an unusually long conditioning period for smoothness, and bottle and keg conditioning for a fresher taste and additional smoothness.

New beers
even more extravagantly daring beers [are] planned for the future.

Bob and Ellie Tupper
Bob and Ellie Tupper doing 'research' at the 2007 World Beer Festival.

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