Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Terrorists target beer?

Years ago, at a brewpub under construction, I discovered that workers had been helping themselves to freshly fermenting beer from the tanks.

A local bartender informed me that some of the sub-contractors had been telling folks that the brewpub was in grave danger from "exploding yeasts". It may have been the intestinal difficulties they were suffering from all that yeast in the fermenting beer.

I immediately put locks on the sample valves.

Zwickel condensation

Yesterday, the Brookston Beer Bulletin published this —it would be hilarious if it weren't true— story.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has required start-up brewpub Creekside Brewing in San Luis Obispo, California to build an anti-terrorist barrier around its tanks. Talk about exploding beer!

Over a decade ago, a different governmental agency deemed beer a flammable substance. Read here how the Clipper City Brewing Company of Baltimore, Maryland managed to avoid the prohibitive cost of retrofitting all of its tanks with asbestos.

Buy a bureaucrat a beer. Take his mind of these inflammatory problems.

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  1. So they dropped 15K, not really helping out the little man. Hopefully I can get to Cali to support them.


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