Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas, with beer.

Merry Christmas from Falstaff

Leave a beer out tonight for ol' Saint Nick!

Šventų Kalėdų to all!

  • This is a 1914 print advertisement of Falstaff Brewing. The brewery began operations in 1838, in St. Louis, Missouri, as the Lemp Brewery. The name was changed to Falstaff in 1903. As late as the early 1960s, the brewery was third among national brewers. In 1975, the Lemp family sold the company and the St. Louis plant was closed. By 2005, Falstaff was no longer brewed.
  • Jay Brooks posted this charming advertisement to his blog, Brookston Beer Bulletin, in 2011. I don't think he'd mind me spreading the cheer.
  • "Šventų Kalėdų" is "Merry Christmas" but in the Lithuanian language, native tongue to YFGF's early 20th century forebears. "Sventu" doesn't exactly 'merry', but the translation is close enough. And while I'm at it, why, in America, do we wish a 'Merry' Christmas but a 'Happy' New Year. I think it should be the reverse.

  • For more from YFGF:

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