Monday, November 17, 2008

Baltimore Beer Week for October 2009

In the successful wake of this year's inaugural Philly Beer Week —a week in March stretched to 15 days of beer events throughout Philadelphia, Pa.— folk in Baltimore, Md. have proposed the same thing, for their city, but in October 2009.

From the Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper:

Joe Gold, along with a handful of other beer enthusiasts including me, are exploring the possibility of putting together a week of beery festivities in Baltimore sometime in the fall of 2009.

From Mid-Atlantic Brewing News' Alexander D. Mitchell IV:
We've announced the coming Baltimore Beer Week below--next October. About all we definitely have are the dates. We also know that the Brewers Assn. of Md. will hold its annual Oktoberfest on Saturday the 10th, and that the SPBW is slated to hold its annual Chesapeake Real Ale Festival on Oct. 17th. In theory, we can push the week to include Friday the 9th and Sunday the 18th. <...> The bare minimum would be just what you'd expect: hearty participation by the brewpubs and the prime local beer bars. <...> It's fair to expect a beer dinner or three, maybe many at many venues--maybe even beer dinners at places that don't normally do beer


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  1. Sounds like a great idea. I'd come down from NYC for it. Hopefully, the Team will get BeerMenus to Baltimore by then.


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