Monday, November 10, 2008

Salty beer tale

Overheard and (over)seen recently at a beer bar.

Two patrons sat at the bar. Both ordered N.A.I.L.s (North American Industrial Lagers).

Both asked for salt.

Thinking that they would sprinkle a little on their beverage napkins, we watched. It's an old bar trick that prevents a napkin or coaster from sticking to a wet beer glass.

But they didn't do that. No, they shook the salt INTO their beers.

Why, we asked. "It makes the beer taste better," they answered.

None of us suggested that maybe, just maybe, the next time they might order a beer that tasted better, to begin with.

You learn something new every day.

But hold the salt.


  1. Jamil show one time he talks about how his Uncle did it into an IPA. Jamil did a bit of research, it cuts back on the hops bite supposedly, a NAIL I couldn't see it making much difference.

    Thomas @ Geistbearbrewing

  2. What Gose around comes around?


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