Saturday, September 19, 2009

If not in Munich, then Baltimore

As I type, it may be six in the morning here in the USA, but it's noon in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

There, Christian Ude —the city's Lord Mayor— is fulfilling one of his most important civic functions. Inside the Schottenhamel tent, he's tapping the ceremonial first keg of beer for Oktoberfest 2009.

Christian Ude, 2009
I won't be in Munich today. Instead, 6 hours later, at noon (Eastern Time USA), I'll be in Baltimore, Maryland, drinking from a wooden-tapped keg of German beer.

Max's Taphouse, in the Fells Point district of Baltimore, is celebrating its second annual German Fest: over 80 German beers on draft, over 70 German beers in bottles, and a "German-inspired food menu." (Hmm. For us vegetarians, that might be sauerkraut and pretzels!)

Here's the beer list. It's subject to change: after all, the beer does have to travel 6,836 kilometers from Munich to Baltimore ... give or take.

Zwei Maaß-krug Bier

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  1. Sorry, no vegetarian sausage. For you, the wurst is yet to come. [rimshot]


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