Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's beer festival season

It's September, and in the beer world, that signals the frenetic onset of beer festival season ... not that there aren't festivals all year round.

The world's biggest beer party is Oktoberfest. It runs from 19 September through 4 October in the city of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany.

The big kahuna in the USA is the Great American Beer Festival, back at its usual calendar placement, 24-26 September, in Denver, Colorado. It's sold out, but if you don't have tickets you still have many other options.

As always, Bryce Eddings at has published a fairly inclusive on-line list of beer festivals across the USA. Check it out here.

For a much, much smaller list of just a few of the events in the DC/VA/MD area, check out my calendar —Where I'll Be— to the right, in the sidebar. Yours For Good will be attending and/or participating at several local beer festivals over the next couple of months.

For good information on Virginia events, read the blogs Musings Over A Pint and Relentless Thirst.

For Maryland: Kasper on Tap, Beer in Baltimore,, Baltimore Beer Guy.

For Washington, D.C., read DC Beer.

For a non-web resource, look for bi-monthly issues of the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News. [As brought to my attention in the comments section below by the indefatigable Alexander D. Mitchell IV, Baltimore correspondent for MABN, you don't have to wait for the print issue. The paper has a calendar of beer events posted on-line. Go here for that.]

From Fritz Hahn of the Washington Post on-line: Best Bets for Oktoberfest.


  1. The first annual Alpenfest celebration is going on in Idaho. Alpenfest Boise is Idaho's biggest Oktoberfest style event October 10th, 2009.

  2. Can I make a Shameless Plug(c) for the online calendar at the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News website?

    It also has a regular "Hop Tips!" mailing list. There are similar calendars and mailing lists for the other regional newspapers in the chain as well.


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