Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bloggers blog 'bout beer (Washington DC area)

The phrase, 'boutique brewery', fortunately never caught on with the beer drinking public. It was one of the few misfires of beer writer Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, 'blog' —a truly ugly neologism— has become standard parlance for a 'web log', that is, a journal published on-line. Such as this one.

If you were to blog, about beer, in October, what might you call that? Here, from Orr Shtuhl of the Washington City Paper on-line:

The Blogtoberfest happy hour (which admittedly sounds way more fun than “planning meeting”). Throughout the month of October we’re getting local bloggers, foodie and non-, to share their beer stories on their own blogs. Cross-linking and conversation will ensue. Meet at 6:30 p.m. [Wednesday, 30 September 2009] at Axis Bar and Grill [in Washington, D.C.].

Across the Potomac River, at the same time tonight,, northern Virginia Twitter-ers will be Tweeting-up (aargh, these Twitpuns) at the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Chantilly, Virginia.
NoVA Tweetup at Dogfish in Farifax, VA Sept 30 6PM, because DC's a pain in the rear.

Well, I don't know if DC has a monopoly on that affliction. Traffic along the Rt. 50/I-66/Rt. 28 corridor can be quite the slow-moving ache in the arse.

Here's a (very) short list of other blogger associations in the Washington D.C. area.
  • C.R.A.B.B. is a loose confederation of beer bloggers in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. I'm a member. We've never had an actual meeting, but we share a common agenda. We blog about beer issues in general and those of particular interest to readers in the tri-state area. The acronym stands for Chesapeake Region Alliance of Beer Bloggers. Read more here.

  • The Washington, DC Area Meetup
    The Washington DC Blogger Meetup is a eclectic group of group of bloggers and micro-bloggers. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month in Adams Morgan for a casual social gathering.

    Join us as we write about current trends in the DC blogosphere and explore venues inside the beltway. Our “communal blogging events” or CBEs are first-person experiences of events, such as street festivals or museum exhibits, that happen in and around our city.

  • DC Blogs is an aggregator of blogs in the Washington, D.C. area.
    The main page is a news site. It reports on topics raised by bloggers, changes in the DC blogging community, as well as bring new blogs to the attention of readers. We're always on the hunt for interesting content and suggestions are encouraged


  1. Good stuff!

    Sounds like us Baltimore-area beer bloggers need to arrange something similar. Stay tuned!

  2. Gregg Wiggins10/4/09, 8:57 AM

    It didn't catch on here, but "boutique brewery" is a common term below the equator for the craft beer producers in Australia and New Zealand.


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