Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beer, boxes, and salesmen

I was in a bar yesterday when I overheard this snippet of conversation:

Salesmen know zero about their products. They only care about selling boxes.

Well, I sell wine and beer. So, I like to think I know a little bit about the 'boxes' I sell. It's my job.

Cizauskas makes a point

I posted the overheard comment to my Facebook page and received several replies. I've reprinted some of them here (without their authors' names).
  • Too bad that in some cases it is true.

  • I have met many reps in which I knew more about their product then they did. Maybe I work in the wrong field!?!?

  • I know very little about boxes. Thankfully I sell beer.

  • Quit FB'ing and go sell some damn boxes!!!!

  • I like my boxes shiney.

  • Bud, Miller and Coors sells boxes. We sell beer.

  • At Siebel during the packaging segments the point was made by one of our instructors that, like it or not, breweries were in the business of selling bottles. While this came from a man devoted to expertly running a massive packaging operation, his point carried some weight, even with a few craft brewers. This needs not hinder our passion, thankfully!
And, my favorite:
  • I sometimes put a box on my head and run through my neighborhood nekked. It keeps me busy.

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