Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lithuanian funnies

I missed the better day - 11 March - to have posted these amusing snippets concerning Lithuania and the Iraq War (sent to me by my sister).

That was the day in 1990 when Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union. At the time, Gorbachev reacted with some ominous comments. But the imminent collapse of the communist regime ended any real threat to the resurrected Baltic nation. (Both sides of my family emigrated to the US from Lithuania in the early 20th century.)

Conan O'Brien/February 22d:
Denmark and Lithuania have announced that they're going to pull their troops out of Iraq. Apparently, Denmark and Lithuania are going to pull out on the same day so all four guys can carpool.

Conan O'Brien/February 21: Denmark and Lithuania have also announced that they're pulling their troops from Iraq. Actually, it's just one guy who's half Danish and half Lithuanian.

Bill Maher: Everybody but George Bush seems to understand that this war is over. The British are pulling out now. ... They're all going. Lithuania said this week they are 'seriously considering reducing their force of 53 troops.' It's a small force, but very effective. So far, they've killed a dozen insurgents and three vampires.

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