Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wee Heavy in Leesburg

Before the beer dinner at Tuscarora Mill yesterday, I stopped in at Vintage 50, also in Leesburg. Bill Madden wasn't in but his Wee Heavy was (and cask-conditioned on handpull).

What a delicious beer! In excess of 8% alcohol by volume, it's a dark brown confection with flavors of plum, grape, and toffee, and with suggestions of anise and smoke.

Bill does not use smoked malt in his recipe. He relies upon his yeast strain and skillful use of pale malt and black malt (with just a touch of crystal) to provide the flavor.

When he was executive brewer for the Capitol City brewpub chain, Bill's Wee Heavy garnered a medal at the 2002 GABF.

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