Friday, April 25, 2008

Jump on the DC kegbus

The new Nationals Park neighborhood has undergone much development, including the massive Department of Transportation building, a new hotel, a Starbucks, and chain dining options.

Something is missing, though. In the 23 months since the stadium groundbreaking, it seems that no forward-looking entrepreneur thought, "Hmmm. If I got a sports bar up and running by opening day 2008, I'd attract all those fans before and after the games, and give the workers at the Navy Yard and the Department of Transportation and all the new buildings opening down here somewhere to go for happy hour. I'd make a mint!"

Or good beer.

But now, at least, there's the Kegbus.

In today's Washington Post Weekend, Fritz Hahn wrote about this free gameday shuttlebus to the ballpark. It leaves from and returns to various Capitol Hill watering holes. There's not really much choice in good craft or local beers at the three bars, but their beer prices are much cheaper than the $9 Miller Lites at the Nationals.

The Kegbus offers

cushioned banquettes that run along the walls, a booming sound system, glowing light-emitting-diode lights, and a large bathroom.
Emphasis mine!

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  1. Be careful... we used kegbus for a tubing trip and had no A/C for the hottest day of the year... there's no windows to open. awful.


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