Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Miller Lite... for a unique experience

After exceeding expectations in test markets, Miller Lite Brewers Collection -- a trio of craft-style light beers -- is going nationwide.
Set the bar low and ...

“We are going to take Miller Lite Brewers Collection national and we’re going to do it by September,” Miller Brewing Company CEO Tom Long said from the stage on Tuesday at Miller’s distributor meeting in New Orleans. It’s exceeded volume targets by 40 percent and it’s also exceeded distribution targets.

Miller Lite Brewers Collection went into four test markets -- Baltimore, Charlotte, N.C., Minneapolis, and San Diego -- in February.

The lineup includes a blonde ale, an amber and a wheat -- each with significantly fewer calories and carbs than typical beers of that style.

Miller Lite Brewers Collection is aimed at mainstream light beer drinkers and capitalizes on three beer industry trends: the popularity of light beer; consumers seeking more variety, including crafts; and people willing to pay more for brands that offer a unique experience.
Sounds a bit kinky.

More here. from Brew Blog.

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