Tuesday, April 29, 2008

corrected time for Hard Times Café

Hard Times CaféThose beer events in which I'm participating or simply attending, I list in a compendium along the right-hand panel— called Where I'll Be -- For Beer.

In it, I had incorrectly listed the date for the Bethesda, Maryland Hard Times Café Spring Beer Tasting. An alert reader of Y.F.G.F., and a big fan of Clipper City Brewing, who lives in Montgomery County, has emailed me and pointed out my error. Thank you!

The correct date is Monday 12 May at 7pm.

The Tasting is a fun, unique format, and usually features over 10 beers. Read my account of last year's Spring Beer Tasting here. Call the Bethesda Hard Times Café at 301. 951.3300 to make reservations.

As the event falls on Monday the 12th, it will be the inaugural event for this year's American Craft Beer Week in Maryland.

[UPDATE: missed it ...AAARGH]

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