Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stinky cheese, mangos, and chocolate

Washington D.C. is the host site for the first-ever SAVOR, a national craft beer and food exposition, a culmination of American Craft Beer Week, Friday and Saturday, 16/17 May.

Nearly 50 breweries will be participating, with 95 different craft beers, and 35 savory and sweet appetizers. There will not be any hot dogs or pretzels.

Each brewery will pair two of their beers with 2 different foods. But at Clipper City Brewing's table, we are taking a slightly different tack. We're pairing one beer —our hop-aroma-heavy Loose Cannon Hop3 Alethree ways:

  • Empanadas with Mango Salsa
  • Christopher Elbow Citrus-spiced Artisan Chocolates
  • Artisan Cheese -Meadow Creek Creamery Grayson (Galax, Virginia), and Tallegio (Italy)
With epicurean luck, we may successfully demonstrate that fruity/herbal/citrusy hops pair well with citrusy chocolate, and with spicy/sweet mango salsa, and with washed rind cheeses.

Meadow Creek is a southern Virginia dairy, located just north of the North Carolina line. Grayson is its aromatic Tallegio-like cheese. And aromatic is the polite term; try foot-stinky (mmm!), but with a nutty and creamy flavor and texture.

Clipper City's Thomas Cizauskas and John Eugeni at tableBeer and food lectures and demonstrations are integral to the event. SAVOR calls these —in somewhat raised-pinky-fashion— salons. I don't believe Socratic dialogue will be evident!

In one session, Dogfish Head Brewery's Sam Calagione and wine educator Marni Old will be reprising their wine vs. beer bout. In another, Hugh Sisson of Clipper City will demonstrate the marriage of beer and Chesapeake seafood, assisted by chefs from the Phillips Seafood restaurants.

A few more, as well: jump here for the full list of salons.

[UPDATE: postprandial recap here.]

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