Friday, January 30, 2009

Virginia Beer Trail: a work in progress

The Washington Post recently ran a travelogue piece about four breweries in central Virginia: Virginia Is Also for Beer Lovers (with a feature role for fellow Chesapeake Region Beer Blogger Mike Dolan).

The name of the piece is a riff on the long-time slogan for tourism in Virginia, silly but effective. The article mentions the Charlottesville Beer Trail, a nascent project for beer, similar to Virginia's wine trail. Virginia beer blogger David Turley first reported on this in August 2008, at his blog, Musings over a Pint.

The Virginia Tourism Commission runs a website that lists wineries and breweries.

Virginia’s Wine Country features tours, tastings and special holiday open houses. Now more than ever it’s easier to “Make mine Virginia wine!” If you prefer lagers and ales, you can raise your mug in Virginia’s many microbreweries and enjoy great food and interesting people in true, brew pub tradition.

A good effort, the site remains a work in progress: it omits many worthy brewpubs. For example, the link for Leesburg, home to several wineries, fails to mention Vintage 50, a wine-friendly brewpub and restaurant.

A complete listing (as of January 2009) of Virginia breweries and brewpubs can be found at Relentless Thirst.

Updated and reposted.

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