Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why "Yours for Good Fermentables"?

When I was recently asked this question...

I'm sure it's explained somewhere already, but can you tell me the origins of your blog name? Is it supposed to be saying, "I'm yours for 'good fermentables'" or "Yours for good, Fermentables" - neither make a whole lot of sense to me

...I responded:
With the advent of cell phones, email, social e-networking, texting, [and now tweeting], and their ilk, the common (not fancy) practice of letter writing has become a lost art and practice.

But there was a time that written letters would begin with a valediction, a greeting such as "Dear so and so," and conclude with a valediction, a farewell acknowledgment such as "Sincerely yours".

I began using the phrase "Yours for good fermentables" as a closing in my letters —a riff, but with beery poetic license. As my beer career blossomed, the boozy valediction remained, but now moved front and center.


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