Thursday, January 01, 2009

The 1st "Beer is good for you" post of 2009

Here's the first "Beer is good for you" story of 2009.

Well, truth be told, the following piece about research at the University of Porto in Portugal actually was released on 31 December 2008 (and was based on a report issued in October), but then again, it may have already been 1 January 2009 somewhere else in the world.

New research reveals that steak when marinated in beer or wine is less likely to contribute to cancer.

Hot temperatures in the process of frying and grilling cause sugar and amino acids to convert into cancer-causing compounds leading to high levels of hetrocyclic amines (HAs).

And, for a third 'flavor' of hetrocyclic amine
beer works more efficiently in reducing levels in just 4 hours as compared to wine which requires a longer time. <...> Tasters also preferred the smell, taste and appearance of beer marinated steak [over a red wine marinade].

[The article draws on a report published in the October issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.]

But before you go out and buy all that marinade, er, beer, here's a different study released only four days earlier on 27 December 2008:
The risk of getting inflicted with liver and bowel cancer increases by up to 20 percent in people who drink one pint of beer everyday, as per scientists at the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

The story is not clear in how that statistic was derived.

Alan McLeod (A Good Beer Blog), in verifying the researchers' bona fides, has an interesting take on such studies in general. As a bonus, he mentions George Carlin, who remains funny and witty even after his passing in 2008.

Cask E.S.B.

A citizen journalist at NowPublic recently emailed me, requesting:
We at NowPublic are working on coverage of new study showing that one pint of beer a day increases liver and bowel cancer risk by 20 percent, and we are putting together a collection of photos. We came across your amazing photo on Flickr and it would be a great addition to our story. We would very much appreciate its use, with proper credit to you of course.

I demurred, and instead, published a link at NowPublic to the first story.

In related news, the Federal Drug Administration has banned life. Seems it leads to death.

More on beer and health here.

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