Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Sessions and Snacks

There have been only a few Super Bowls that have lived up to their eponymous adjective.

And for this year's game, I don't have a favorite, but ... if the Cardinals' offensive line can stand up to the Steelers' defensive rush, allowing Kurt Warner to pass to Larry Fitzgerald, the game might be competitive. That's a big 'if'.

Either way, 'super' snacks will be required. Here are a few.

Veggie Beer Chili

Since I'm hoping for a close-scoring game through the 4th quarter, I'll be sticking to lower alcohol yet fuller-flavored beers with the snacks. Let's say 'Super Session' beers.

Those will be brown ales, such as Brooklyn Brown, or Abita Turbo Dog, or Smuttynose, or Hook and Ladder Brown, or Legend Brown ... or from the UK, Black Cat Mild Ale.

And if Ose's Outlaw Ale were still on tap at Sweetwater Tavern in Centreville, Va., I'd get a growler of that.

Caveat: I am employed by a wholesaler that distributes Abita and Brooklyn beers.

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