Sunday, May 13, 2007

thoughts on Mother's Day 2007

Contained herein is my rambling non-sequitur inspired by the day today, by a poem of Don Marquis, and by the below links to a (true) story sent me by a friend.

two Moms, and a daughter and a son.
Taken May 2007

i will admit that some
of the insects do not lead
noble lives, but is every
man's hand to be against them?
yours for less justice and more charity
-- archy

If only government were run like a business. Yeah, right!

Pure profit motive produces as many inefficiencies - to be euphemistic - as bloated government. Contrary to perceived wisdom, I believe that a Democrat is a Republican who has seen life, learned lessons, and grown wiser ... not vice-versa.

Tony Blair leaves the prime ministership of Great Britain, in a large measure, co-responsible for the fiasco, and ramifications thereof, in Iraq. But what Blair accomplished in Ireland - and for the working people in his country - was remarkable. Read his credo for government and for life:
I was, and remain, as a person and as a prime minister, an optimist. Politics may be the art of the possible, but at least in life give the impossible a try.
Would that our president, even in failure, be so eloquent.

I did warn that this post would be a ramble. But of greatest importance today: Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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