Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yahoo Photos and Flickr

Early in May, Yahoo announced that it is discontinuing its free Yahoo Photos. I've been using that service as backup storage for all of my photos and as the linked-to-location for many of the pictures referenced on my blog postings.

I must be a fogey: more people prefer such services as a networking site - sharing of their photos - than as a data backup storage. And more of these more people are far younger than I.

So, I've begun the process of manually transferring my photos from Yahoo Photos to Flickr (recently purchased by Yahoo). During this period, some links to photos (both on this blog and on my home website - may not function. I do hope - although I'm not confident - that Yahoo will offer an easier, quicker method to effect the transfer.

This process will also create a strange scenario. As I edit older posts with new links, these older posts will appear as new posts on many blog readers (also called aggregators, these are programs that are used to read blogs).

One moral: always back up your data.

  • My photos and scanned pictures are saved on a dedicated external hard drive, on discs, and, soon to be, on Flickr.
  • My music is saved on a dedicated external hard drive and on-line via the Oboe music locker from MP3tunes.
  • I back up all of my data onto a dedicated external hard drive and on-line with Mozy.

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