Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday, Max's!

I recently received this invitation from Max's Taphouse - one of my favorite places to have cask ale, and one of favorite places to drink beers that I've never had before.

Max's Taphouse on BroadwayA 21st birthday is an important milestone in life. It marks the coming of age, the entrance to adulthood. Now you can drive and vote; you can be married in most civilized states and you’ll hang for your offenses. But most importantly, it allows you to DRINK LEGALLY! Come celebrate the coming of age of Max’s Taphouse, serving the largest selection of beer on the East Coast for Twenty One Years. You are cordially invited to the Max’s Taphouse birthday party.

You must be over 21 to attend.

Max’s Taphouse on Broadway
21st Anniversary Party
Monday, May 7th, 2007
5:00 pm until close

RSVP 410-675-MAXS (6297) or

And here's how I responded:
Gail, Ron, Casey, Bob, and everyone,

21 years ... wow! I remember going for music and for Martini nights way back when. Max's remains, even in my travels, a favorite multi-tap pub.

Monday, I'll be selling Hugh's beers in North Carolina, so I won't be able to celebrate with you. But I'll do so in spirit. Congratulations and continued (21 more!) years of success.
Read my review of Max's here. (Scroll down to 17 January 2004.)

Or read some of my prior blog entires on Max's:
(Of note: That last post contains my first ever review - VERY brief - of Clipper City Brewing's Winter Reserve, later renamed Winter Storm. That was 3 years before I began employment at Clipper City.)

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