Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beck shines in Post

Tom Sietsma gives Brasserie Beck - DC's newest Belgian-inspired restaurant - a good review in Sunday's Washington Post Magazine. And a nice mention of the beer therein!

"The beer list", announces the waiter as he sets a thick black book on the able. If you ask, you can have a consultation with the house specialist, Bill Catron. Take advantage of his service. Catron has assembled 80 or so first-class brews, and he and his staff talk them up with a reverence typically associated with sommeliers. If you don't usually drink beer, chance are you'll be a convert when you leave. If you're a devotee, you'll be in brew heaven.

I took special notice of Sietsma's mention of the double-fried "french fries" (Sietsma should have called them Belgian-style frites) and the beef stew made with Chimay, a Trappist ale.

Sietsma does briefly dip into the thesaurus of condescension that winos and/or foodies sometimes use when describing beer (which reflects on their paucity of knowledge rather than their topic):

As he did with Marcel's, Wiedmaier named his second restaurant after a son. Beck is both another chip off the old block and a fizzy [emphasis mine] addition to the city.

Would Sietsma say of a wine-centric restaurant: "a flat addition" (as in no bubbles)?

But all in all, it's a positive and spot-on review. Save up, and go!


  1. As a beer lover I´m pleased to read you.
    Saludos desde México

  2. Thank you donbeto.
    And keep drinking the buena cerveza.


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