Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ciz gets press re: Tup

The current issue (Vol 9., No.3, June/July 2007) of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News has a quote from me on page 45. I'm glad it was recorded and reported (by Greg Wiggins), because I had forgotten that I said it!

The evening to add the 15,000th beer to their long list of tasting notes was organized by the Tuppers as a fundraiser for Washington, DC's Children's Hospital. There was the feeling of a celebrity roast in some of the anecdotes told, but that was mostly a self-immolation by Bob Tupper, as the area's beer community turned the tasting into a tribute to the couple and their effect on the mid-Atlantic beer scene. "If there are two people that have done more for local beer than Bob and Ellie Tupper, I don't know them," said Tom Cizauskas of Baltimore's Clipper City Brewing Co. in a typical comment.

Here are my notes on other things said during that 4 April 2007 event.

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