Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bad words

North American Industrial Lager:
that is, a yellow, fizzy, fairly tasteless 'mainstream' beer from a large North American brewery.

... which is closely related to


Industrial Light Lager:
that is, N.A.I.L.'s ilk but from anywhere else.

Malt liquor
A made-up word, as all beer has at least some barley malt content, and no beer is distilled.

Mega-breweries increase the alcohol content in malt liquors by substituting for a large portion of flavor-rich (and more expensive) barley malt with cheaper corn or rice syrups or solids. These ferment with little or no flavor and merely increase the alcohol and sweetness, making for a potent but insipid beverage.

Imagine if a winemaker told you that he or she didn't like the flavor of expensive grapes in his/her wine, and so was substituting for that with corn syrup. I don't think so!

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