Thursday, June 21, 2007

Storm clouds at Sweetwater

These mammatus storm clouds were dramatic but looked dangerous in Sterling, Virginia, last week. But there were absolutely no problems at all indoors at Sweetwater Tavern.

The day I stopped by, Brewer Dean Lake was carbonating his Witbier.

And before you say anything, yes, I have been heard to complain about the silly surfeit of spiced wheat beers that seem to swarm these days like mosquitoes on steamy summer days.

But ... Dean is a talented brewer - past of Dominion and of Thoroughbreds - and this was a tasty one: lemon, cardamom (?), and a whiff of sulfur all skillfully underplayed for a good thirst quencher. It may yet be on tap this week.

Dean and I went out for a pint, meeting up with a past manager from the former Thoroughbreds, but I called it short when I saw the storm (in the photo up top) developing too quickly for my comfort! A tornado warning was broadcast, but fortunately one never materialized. Lots of hail though.

Here's a good photograph of Brewer Dean Lake (on the left) and Bob Tupper - the dean of the local brewing scene - at the Brewers Ball in D.C. early March.

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