Monday, March 17, 2008

Beer Risotto

Since tonight is 'guilty until proven innocent' night —aka Saint Patrick's Day/Night and sobriety roadblocks set up all over— I'll be staying right here at home, thank you very much!

04_beer risotto with peas
I cooked up some Beer Risotto last evening. It'll be delicious again tonight, pan-fried with a few dollops of olive oil.

Pasta may be the go-to food for many; it's Risotto for me. Risotto (borrowing from Wikipedia) is a "traditional Italian rice dish cooked with broth and flavored with parmesan cheese and other ingredients, which can include meat, fish, or vegetables."

My rule of thumb for risotto is 2-to-1 stock to arborio rice. And always use arborio rice. I always have plenty of home-made veggie stock on hand, frozen into ice-cubes.

Add to that 3 ounces of a Vienna-style Lager per cup of rice. I use Balto MärzHon from Clipper City Brewing. Failing that, use an amber lager with at least a good hint of toasted malt character.

I usually add frozen peas near the end of the cooking process, but fresh asparagus, diced into small pieces, is delicious. I skip the Parmesan cheese, substituting with 'cheesy' nutritional yeast, sprinkled on top, when serving.

and ... don't forget the Marmite! For more of the recipe and procedures, go here.


  1. Just last night I was making a risotto and wondered if I could include beer in future efforts. Thanks for this post! I continue to enjoy your excellent blog.

  2. Just enough beer for flavor without overpowering the stock, and in this case, the more delicate flavor of the vegetable stock. Reminds me of a humorous scene in the movie "Big Night" concerning Lobster Risotto. And, thank you for the compliment. Anyone reading this, who hasn't read your blog, really should go to


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