Sunday, March 09, 2008

March Beer Madness

The initial brackets of the 2nd annual Washington Post Beer Madness appeared in the paper's Sunday Source section this morning.
The Post's beer columnist Greg Kitsock (also the editor of the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News) and The Sunday Source's Joe Heim selected the initial 32 beers.

On the upper right side of the brackets in the Specialty/Fruit match-ups, my brewery's Oxford Raspberry Wheat is paired against Pyramid's Apricot Weizen .

The 10 panelists, who will judge the beers, were chosen based upon their on-line submissions. I had submitted: "I sell beer, and I wear a tie." I wasn't chosen. Conflict of interest, maybe?

  • On-line, it's interactive: you can match wits with the judge panelists.
  • My earlier post about Beer Madness is here.
  • UPDATE 2008.03.15: here.
  • UPDATE 2008.03.22: here.

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