Monday, March 24, 2008

The problem of binge working

From blogger Boakandbailey:

The more I think about so-called binge drinking, the more I think it is a result of the Northern European [and hence, American] attitude to work — the weekend feels like the only time people can really relax, after slogging through five or six days of boredom, stress, and aggravation, and they want it to be something special, memorable and overwhelming.

As Shirley McLaine says to Jack Lemmon in The Apartment:
Fran Kubelik: They sent me to secretarial school, and then I applied for a job at "Consolidated". Then I flunked the typing test.
C.C.Baxter: Too slow?
Fran Kubelik: No. I can type up a storm ... I just can't spell.

More from Boakandbailey: "Binge drinking is not the problem — it’s a symptom."

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