Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Batter ale

You might not want to drink this.

It was the final pour —the dregs if you will— from a firkin of Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale that was featured during last week's beer dinner in honor of chef/cookbook author Lucy Saunders at the Royal Mile Pub.

The Pub's chef—Ian Morrison—regularly uses ale in fish-and-chips batter. He noted that this was the first time he'd used cask ale, however.

Beer cuisine can be as simple as this.

But refrain from using the cheapest lagered swill. The flavor will carry through.

At a brew pub, for example, a chef could easily use spent grains in his pizza or bread dough for crunchy texture, or use unhopped sweet wort as a sweetener. In 1996 while I was brewing for the Manayunk Brewing, our chef did both; the unhopped wort he reduced for his demi-glace.

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  1. Hey, I'm a sludge drinker. If I can't get the final half pint of the lees when bottling, I regularly pour it into a jug and slug it down. Maybe not an angel's share but certainly a home brewers. Reminds of me an evening twenty years ago when a pal was dumped two days before his wedding. The only beer in the house was in a primary that was only 80% through the process. We did what any good medieval serf would do and slugged down the yeasty thickness in commisseration.


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