Thursday, March 27, 2008

Michael Jackson's Birthday

From Dave and Diane Alexander, proprietors of Washington D.C.'s Brickskeller, came this expression of sadness and of appreciation:

I'm sure most of you know who Michael Jackson, the BeerHunter, is. Perhaps you may not know today, March 27, 2008, would have been his 66th birthday. Michael was a great friend of the Brickskeller and one Diane and I are honored to have considered a good friend personally for 25 years.

[...] go to your favorite pub tonight and raise a glass of good beer to his honored memory ... [or] respect this as a special enough occasion to warrant the popping of a favorite top you've been stashing in your vault.

While Michael may have passed, his contributions to the world of beer and the foundation his writings laid for all writers to build upon and all brewers to aspire to will live and grow forever.

Happy Birthday Michael
you are still dearly missed

A friend and I toasted Mr. Jackson with an oak-aged Dominion Millennium, vintage 2005.

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