Sunday, March 16, 2008

A hairdresser and her beer

Thomas Martin, a barber in Michigan, has been giving his customers a beer to drink while they're getting their hair cut. And he's been breaking the law.

Michigan prohibits businesses from serving alcohol when and where customers are paying for other services. I'd warrant that this may be so in most states.

If an activity connected with the sale or distribution of alcohol is not statutorily allowed—even if it's not specifically proscribed—most state alcohol regulating entities will forbid it.

But another crime of the Michigan barber may have been his choice of beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon.

My hairdresser in Maryland offers her customers a wine or beer—or soda or juice—while having their hair cut, teased, colored, whatever. She, even though a fan of good beer, does however abstain while using her scissors.

And, I am always happy with my cut when I leave.

You see, my hairdresser stocks her refrigerator with Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale, an India Pale Ale (I.P.A.).

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  1. The Reagle Beagle (pronounced Regal Beagle, but problems with the old 3s Company show..believe it or not.) serves 1 free drink with services, but you can purchase as much as you want. There are TVs and a bar in the waiting area, and smaller TVs in the individual private booths. I always thought it was a great business model.


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