Monday, March 31, 2008

A keening loss at both of the area's baseball ballparks

Baltimore Sun columnist Rob Kasper lamented today's Opening Day loss of his hometown Baltimore Orioles to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. And a keening lament it could have been, 6 to 2 being the score.

But Rob did have reason for rejoicing: a choice of good beers in which to drown his sorrows. In his post, he only mentions a few, but Camden Yards indeed offers many choices of local beers.

As I've wailed before, the Washington Nationals proffer only one bottled local beer and no local draft.

The stadia of the Orioles and the Nationals are fewer than 40 miles apart along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. But they are worlds apart in terms of supporting local beer.

Big out-of-town breweries can pay the big bucks.

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