Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birch and Barley to open in November

Restaurant deadlines are inherently fungible.

Thus, for Birch and Barley & Churchkey -- the newest beer-centric restaurant of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, creators of Virginia's Rustico, Buzz Bakery, Talulla, EatBar, Vermilion and Evening Star Cafe --it's looking now like a November December 2008 opening.

Beer Manager Greg Engert is still planning for 5 handpulled cask lines in addition to the 50 taps and 500 bottles. He said this in a recent email:

While we've made a concerted effort to keep our latest project well beneath the radar as we navigate the myriad design and construction decisions, the word is clearly out that yes, we are in fact embarking on an ambitious new venture in the District. Having gone through this a few times now, we're no longer naive enough to pin a firm date to the opening or to get too far along describing the details except to say that yes, we are beyond excited about this restaurant and bar and that yes, we think you'll feel the same.

Here's an update at Metrocurean.
Earlier YFGF post on the then-unnamed Birch and Barley.

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