Monday, August 04, 2008

Quantum Real Ale Mechanics

The cask awaitsI thought I saw a clever thing ... said by me ... as a comment on Alexander D. Mitchell IV's blog. So I'll quote myself here. It's in regard to cask ale.

Quantum Real Ale Mechanics states that the act of tapping a cask will disturb a cask. Gravity must be allowed the time to pull all sediment (which includes cold break, finings, and yeast) to beneath the keystone.

Thus better practice for the optimum quality and flavor in cellaring and serving serving a truly cask-conditioned ale, would be
  • Receive the cask; wait 24+ hours.
  • Vent the cask; wait 24+ hours.
  • Tap the cask; wait 24+ hours.
  • Serve the pint; don't wait.
In the interest of full disclosure, I will reveal that I have sometimes tapped a cask and immediately served it. Many folk have no idea what real ale entails. By observing the actual hammering in of the faucet, they might get a better idea. The tapping makes for good beer theater.

But as ADM IV might say, "your mileage may differ."

Thus the period of time for each step, especially prior to the tapping, might be increased, but rarely should be decreased.

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