Monday, August 25, 2008

a sustainable paradigm for hops?

Hops grown outside a Wheaton, Md. restaurant.
A hop bine grows in Wheaton
Organic hops has taken a foothold as a nascent new industry in Colorado. Years of state wide interest and research by Colorado State University culminated last weekend in the first “Sustainable Hops Growing Workshop” held in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Put on by Dr. Ed Page of CSU Extension and Ron Godin of the Agricultural Experiment Station at Rogers Mesa, the workshop saw over 70 attendees

Lead by Dr. Ron Godin, Researcher at the Rogers Mesa Experiment Station, and Ali Hamm, Masters Student at the Fort Collins campus, CSU has shown that hops grow quite well under organic conditions in the western Colorado climate. Colorado’s high and dry climate aids in reducing pest and disease pressure on the hops, and our plentiful sunshine and cool nights lends excellent growth and quality.

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My previous post looking at sustainable wine methods, with comments about applicability to hops.

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