Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pictures from a breakfast, with beer

Appetizers with Hang Ten Weizen Dopplebock

Chef/owner Ian Morrison of The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, Md. produced his second-ever beer-breakfast this morning. It was a six course meal --breakfast and brunch fare-- prepared with beer, and served with beer. And served at 10am!

Among his comments after the breakfast was concluded, Chef Morrison observed that when he had been preparing his menu, he had found North American versions of the beers to be, if not better than imports, at least fresher, and thus better tasting. Drink fresh, drink local!

Several breakfast-ers, including this one, also thanked Morrison for readily substituting vegetarian options for several of the courses. For instance, he had veggie sausage ready to plate for the house-made smoked sausage.
At one point, a customer, sitting not at the event but at the bar, asked me what was going on. "A beer breakfast," I replied.

"I don't drink beer at breakfast," he grumbled over his coffee. Ahh! There would be more beer for us.


  1. Tom,

    As a beer loving vegetarian I'd appreciate it if you could go more in detail on the veggie options offered and how they paired with the beers (I'm assuming it was the same beer that was served for the meat courses). Had I known I might have made the drive up from Arlington!


  2. Yuck - asparagus for breakfast!


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